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Posted 2 years ago

EDIT: This givaway is OVER! Don’t like/reblog this any more!!



I have twenty followers now, so as promised, GIVEAWAY! :D

I’ll be giving away one of my miniature scalemates! Seen here. They’re about 4.5 inches tall. Or the winner can pick colors from my remaining fabric and I’ll make a new one for them.

Anyways. Here are the rules.

  • Like once
  • Reblog once a day (you’re on the honor system here - I’m not going to be checking)
  • The contest will end on APRIL 2ND!
  • Crap I just had another point but I forgot it
  • Oh right. I’ll be choosing the winner with a RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR. So no bias.
  • Followers are always greatly appreciated but not necessary (though I’ll probably be doing more giveaways in the near future)
  • Your ask box has to be open and you have to be willing to give me your address.
  • Sorry! I can only ship in the US sine I’m a poor college student and can’t afford international. But if you are international and willing to pay for shipping, go right ahead and reblog and we can discuss this if you win.
  • Questions? My ask box is always open.

Have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor!

(yes that was a Hunger Games reference I cannot WAIT for it to come out!)

EDIT: I extended the deadline ONE DAY since I will be at a convention on April 1st and might forget!